Weight Loss

Stop fighting your body’s natural rhythms and shed those extra pounds with ease.

Holistic Touch will help you find your body’s ideal state of wellness and design a plan for releasing unwanted weight once and for all.

Sluggish and tired?

Frustrated with diets?

Emotional and physical weight keeping you down?

Has food become an enemy?

At Holistic Touch, we have a team of experts to support you and help reach your goals.  We emphasize the whole person approach to wellbeing. We not only help jump start your body through treatment, we will also educate you on nutrition, promote physical fitness, and support emotional wellness and/or negate addictive cravings.
  • Look great
  • Feel energized
  • Improve overall health
  • Step into a lighter, brighter life

Your Customized Program will…

  • Stimulate Metabolism
  • Natural Detoxify
  • Curb Hunger and Cravings
  • Promote Harmony Within

Acupuncture ~ Quick facts

Acupuncture works to control weight on various levels.

Release endorphins. Cravings in the body are often due to a lack of endorphins.  Acupuncture can help to balance out the cravings by helping the body release endorphins.

Reduce Stress. Through release endorphins, the stress hormone (which can manifest around the belly) can also be neutralized.

Support digestion.  Acupuncture can support the body to generate an efficient digestive process.

Treatment is customized to each person. However, in general, in addition to the acupuncture treatment, small beads are placed in the ear to support you in between sessions.  The beads are placed on acupressure points that are helpful for stress, digestion, cravings and overall well-being.