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6-month program

Are you struggling with belly discomfort, stubborn weight, or feel as though you’ve “tried everything your doctor has told you” to feel your healthiest but it’s STILL not enough?  I speak from pure authenticity and honesty when I say LITERALLY, this was me three years ago.  I spent countless days and evenings looking down at my belly bloat, thinking, “I have done 10+ triathlons, yet my belly more closely resembles a newly expecting momma then a seasoned athlete.”  I reached my lowest point (and my biggest belly) when I concluded, “well….. this must be how I live my life from now on.”  Until, I finally looked at my life in entiretyand its detailsrather than a snap shot of what I wanted to change.

I work with motivated individuals and small groups to create lifestyle and nutrition goals which stream well beyond the foods we eat.

If any of these problematic events speak to you, we will make an unstoppable duo!  After futile attempts of specific diets, and meticulous meal plans or supplements end up not working it is easy to throw in the towel.   However, when you learn how to manage stress, surround yourself with positive relationships, and engage in physical activity (hint hint, movement you ENJOY), your life (and body) begin to change.  Below, are SOME, but not an all-inclusive list , of what you can expect when we work together in my 6-month program, because lucky us, we are NOT all the same!

  •    Increased Energy
  •    Motivation
  •    Sleep habits
  •    Weight loss
  •    Mood Improvement
  •    Mental Clarity
  •    Detoxification


Why 6 months you ask?  I feel strongly that it takes this amount of time, to break old habitscreate new ones, and maintainresults that last!  Together, we will come up with both short-term and long-term nutrition and lifestyle goals, PLUS, you have got ME in the corner rooting for you and holding you accountable.



**One payment in full of $1099 or 6 monthly payments of $199


2) Power Hour Session

-6 months too long, but you really need a fresh start?  Let’s set up a one 75-minute session to go over health concerns and set up 2-3 goals for you to work on!  This includes session notes, a follow up e-mail, and free access to nutrition tidbits based on your needs.  This meeting can be completed in person, phone call, or Skype session.

. **Payment $179


3) Pantry-Make Over

-Soy Lechi-what?  Kale chips?  Is organic really necessary?  What do I fill my pantry with to set me up for success?   Let me help you clear out the junk in your pantry to make headway towards whole food choices, with ingredients that you can pronounce!   Together we will throw out what is no longer needed and head to your neighborhood grocery store to replenish your stash.  **Please allow 2.5 hours**


**Payment $299


4) Handle the Holiday Hump


Did you know the average American gains 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve?  What if you were proactive, and ahead of the curveLet’s be real, the holidays can be STRESSFUL.  However, there are ways to “handle the holiday hump” before it even begins!  How would it feel to walk into that holiday party in your skinny jeans after a workout? Slept through your alarm? No way-  your energy levels will be sky high and you will have a clear head.  You also get an accountability coach to keep you in check.  Signing up for this 4-week series includes (but is not limited to):

  • access to a secret Facebook group with new content delivered and explained to you every week
  • 2 private 30-minute phone calls with me
  • an accountability partner
  • recipe resources and ideas
  • movement activities
  • breathing techniques
  • maintenance in new lifestyle changes
  • having fun making these simple changes
  • total emotional support


**Early Bird Pricing (before 10/1/2017):  $199 –on your own $149- with an accountability partner


Acupuncture ~ Quick facts

Acupuncture works to control weight on various levels.

Release endorphins. Cravings in the body are often due to a lack of endorphins.  Acupuncture can help to balance out the cravings by helping the body release endorphins.

Reduce Stress. Through release endorphins, the stress hormone (which can manifest around the belly) can also be neutralized.

Support digestion.  Acupuncture can support the body to generate an efficient digestive process.

Treatment is customized to each person. However, in general, in addition to the acupuncture treatment, small beads are placed in the ear to support you in between sessions.  The beads are placed on acupressure points that are helpful for stress, digestion, cravings and overall well-being.