Body Treatments

Total Body Detox

This full body detox session includes lymphatic drainage massage, detoxifying reflexology, colon cleansing (using warm oil & massage), and aromatherapy to start the release of toxins. – $165

Lymphatic Drainage Dry Brushing*

Aid in detoxification and increase circulation by using a dry brush to push the lymphatic fluid toward the heart and flush it through the system.  Helps to flush out toxins, increase energy, relieve stress, and relax the mind and body.  *We also offer lymphatic drainage massage if client prefers. 30min Р$65; 60min Р$110


Slim And Sassy Wrap

Our Slimming wrap can be used as a great way to shed an inch or more for an upcoming event, or as a long term way to help with trouble zones and the appearance of our skin. This Essential Oil Wrap provides nourishment to the body. You are wrapped with the Essential Oil mixture for 45 minutes or you can choose to leave with the wrap on and remove it yourself later. Results do vary, some results are seen instantly while others may show within 48 hours. Pairs fantastically with a facial or sauna session while the wrap is on. -$85

Body Treatments