• Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

    A complete holistic health care system. Promotes natural healing by supporting physical and emotional health and improving overall function and optimal well-being. Can address a wide variety of common ailments and concerns. Initial visit includes full health history, diagnosis and treatment. ~$130 / Follow-ups $80

    Ensuring optimal health for you and your baby in a safe and natural way, without the use of harmful medication. It can alleviate morning sickness, headaches, heartburn, edema, elevated blood pressure, back pain and more. Studies have even shown that women who get regular acupuncture treatments have births with less invasive medical intervention. Plus it’s highly effective for stress relief and relaxation. ~ Initial $130 / Follow-up $80
    For past due, acupuncture is more gentler treatment in working with the mother’s natural rhythms to stimulate birth. Research has shown that acupuncture takes from 3-60 hours to initiate contractions, although depending on how far beyond term it may take repeat sessions. ~ $80
    Treatment involves moxibustion. It is a way of stimulating points with heat, which can encourage the fetus to turn. Greatest success between 32 and 35 weeks, but some patients have been shown to turn as late as 38 weeks. ~ $80
    Glass cups are warmed to create a suction and placed on specific areas of the
    body, bringing qi and blood to the surface. helps release tension. ~ ½ hr. $60 (no additional cost if done in combination with a regular acupuncture treatment)
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  • Massage Therapy

    Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic. These massages are priced by the amount of time and are tailored to your specific needs. Massage has many benefits including, but not limited to: releasing toxins, helps manage anxiety and depression, eases pain, boosts the immune system, curbs headaches/migraines, and raises alertness.

    30min - $55/ 45min - $75/ 60min - $95 / 75min - $110/ 90min - $135 / 120min - $185

    We also sell massages is packages of 4 treatments. Cost is $5 off the regular cost, per massage.

    Targets areas of the body where fascia (a connective tissue that links muscle, bones, ligaments, etc.) has tightened or become restricted. This technique releases tension, improves mobility and helps heal the body. 75min Initial Visit - $140; 60min follow up - $125; 90min follow up - $165; 5 pack - $575; 10 pack - $1050
    Performed on a mat, this massage incorporates yoga stretching, deep
    compressions, acupressure, herbal and spa treatments, meditation, and Buddhist philosophies. The manipulated stretches focus on circulation of vital energy (“Lom”) in major pathways called “Sen” (line). Important pressure points along the major energy lines are stimulated to help break down blockages, stimulate energy flow and restore balance and harmony. ~ 60 min. $105 / 90 min. $150
    Heated stones bring relief to tight and tender muscles, while warming the body and soothing the soul. ~ 60 min. $130 / 90 min. $155
    Oil blends customized to your needs. Encourages relaxation, invigoration, helps soothe allergies, and more!

    May be added on to any massage. $15
    The practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands utilizing specific
    thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil, cream, or lotion based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with a premise that such work effects a physical change in the body. 30min - $50, 45min - $75, 60min - $95
    A blend of Swedish strokes and a few gentle stretches for areas of discomfort for Mommy, along with circular abdominal strokes for her growing abdomen and Baby (can be omitted). We use The Body Cushion so you can lay comfortably face down even at 9 months! Deeper work on the back and neck, glutes and sacrum is allowed, especially if the client has received regular bodywork and does not have a "high-risk" pregnancy. Certain acupressure points and reproductive reflex areas are avoided. $5 add-on to any massage
    This session includes a side-by-side massage for you and a loved one. A great way to de-stress together, this intimate experience lets you both receive a treatment catered to your needs at the same time! Choose between 60min ($220) or 90min ($280).
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  • Skin Care

    Not your ordinary facial. It’s an Experience you won’t want to miss. Includes customized analysis, sensory journey and light massage. We also provide educational tips as well as product suggestions to help you maintain your beautiful glow.

    Includes a professional skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (optional), mask, hand & arm massage, facial massage with treatment serum, hydration, and one of the following of your choice: Neck, shoulder, scalp, & decollete massage; foot massage; hand reflexology; or face & scalp acupressure. - $105
    This is our anti-aging secret weapon. Enjoy our signature skin ritual with three of our upgrades: neck & décolleté treatment, eye depuffing treatment, and Vitamin C infusion. - $175
    Short on time, but in need of tender loving care and results? Try one of our amazing CosMedix skin infusions. Skin infusions are gentle, superficial peels that go further than just exfoliating the skin, they also infuse powerful anti-aging ingredients such as; antioxidants, L-Lactate, and L-Retinol A deep into the skin. CosMedix skin infusions are chirally corrected and penetrate more slowly than standard chemical peels, thus causing less trauma to the skin while providing visible results. Results vary from mild to medium depth exfoliation, smooth skin, lightening and brightening of acne scars or pigmentation, healing blemishes or pre-mature aging, stimulation of new cells and collagen production, and improvement in skin elasticity. For faster, more optimal results a series of four infusions spaced out every two weeks is recommended.

    Choose between Clear Skin: Detoxifying and exfoliating peel that decongests pores and clarifies oily, impure, and blemish prone skin ($85); Vitamin C: The best peel for hypersensitive, aging or acne-prone skin. Gentle enough for rosacea ($95); Blueberry: Refreshing antioxidant peel that exfoliates skin without irritation ($80); or Pomegranate: Antioxidant peel that smoothes away superficial sun damage and discoloration ($85).
    30mins Microderm - $110
    Microderm + Facial - $160
    Microderm (neck face & decollete) + Facial - $235
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  • Waxing

    We offer full body waxing. To ensure a comfortable and thorough waxing service please have hair grow out to 1/4” and notify your esthetician of the use of any of the following: Retin-A, Glycolic Acid, Accutane, blood thinner medications, or any other medication you may be taking. Loyal waxing clients save 10% off any waxing service if return within 4 weeks for a touch up.

  • Body Treatments

    This full body detox session includes lymphatic drainage massage, detoxifying reflexology, colon cleansing (using warm oil & massage), and aromatherapy to start the release of toxins. $165
    Aid in detoxification and increase circulation by using a dry brush to push the lymphatic fluid toward the heart and flush it through the system. Helps to flush out toxins, increase energy, relieve stress, and relax the mind and body. *We also offer lymphatic drainage massage if client prefers. 30min - $65; 60min - $110
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  • Additional Wellness Services

    Reiki is an energy healing technique that was introduced by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. The word Reiki means "Universal Life Force." In contrast to other healing techniques, Reiki healers do not use their own energy during healing sessions; instead, their bodies are used as vessels or channels for the universal life force or chi to travel through them to the recipient's body. Using a laying of hands technique over the body, chi is transmitted into the recipient's body. As it enters the body it assists in balancing energy, removing energetic blockages, releasing stress, soothing pain, and assisting the body in its innate ability to heal itself. $90 for 45mins
    It's simple: there is absolutely no discomfort whatsoever to the person receiving this highly successful, proven treatment for...Sinuses, Sore Throat, Ear Aches, Swimmers' Ear, Chronic Headaches, Allergies... and it may even improve your sense of hearing! We use a hollow candle specially made for candling. The top of the candle is lit and the base of the candle is gently placed in the ear. It can be used on any person of any age. - $80
    Muscle Activation Techniques™ is a specific and unique process for evaluating an individual's ability to produce efficient muscle contraction. Loss of muscle contraction results in a decreased range of motion, and therefore decreased physical performance.
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  • Full Spectrum Far Infared Sauna

    May be booked as a single session or, for best results, choose a package that bundles it with one of our rejuvenating services. Our full spectrum sauna uses both near and far infared LEDs and varying levels of heat. The sauna benefits detoxification, weight loss, pain/inflammation relief, cardiovascular health, symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), relaxation, and signs of aging. Sessions range from 30-45 minutes in length.

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