Monthly Specials

Check back often for our monthly and seasonal specials.  Treatments and workshops may be scheduled through our online scheduler or by giving us a call at 703.299.0500.


April Massage Specials
Therapeutic Thursdays with Heather

Heather is excited to offer her 60 Minute Myofascial Massage on Thursdays for only $100, this offer is even good for Initial Myofascial Massage clients!

Pain and Inflammation Buster (MondayThursday only)

Combine your 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage with a relaxing Pain and Inflammation Sauna Session, Monday through Thursday, for only $100!

Available with Michele Only

For April Michele is offering a fully rejuvenating experience with a 75 minute Massage including Facial Rejuvenation Massage, Acupressure and Herbal Compress. $110

Sinus Relief Massage

This 45 minute massage focuses on your face and sinuses to give allergy relief during the spring blooming season. $90

Dermaplaning Now Available!
Experience quick, noticeable results and amazing skin!
Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrap off the first layer of dulling, dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin! Fine lines diminished, reduces acne scaring, dark spots lessened, smoother canvas for makeup application, and amazing surface for product penetration.
Dermaplaning Session $150
Package of 5 $675
Dermaplaning with a Peel $175
Lights Camera Action (Dermaplaning with Makeup Application) $225

Crystal Therapies
Crystal Reiki

Reiki is a subtle type of energy healing.  Adding crystals transmits and amplifies energy. Because each kind of crystal vibrates at its own unique set of frequencies, the crystal is able to work on a specific condition or problem while helping to restore a state of balance and harmony to the mind and body. You receive two forms of healing in one session.

Acupuncture with Crystal Therapy

Rejuvenate with a relaxing Acupuncture Session combined with Gemstones and Crystals placed on the energy centers of your body.

Normally $95. Spring Special $85, through 21 April.
Add 30 Minutes of Reiki during your Crystal Acupuncture Session for $50

Spring into Natural Skin
Lunch and Learn
Monday, April 17

Danielle will teach you how to spruce up your skin care routine for the changing seasons and educate you on natural options for your skin care. She will be doing demonstrations and answering any questions you may have.

Food Provided
Sign Up Now, Space is limited!

Veteran’s Stress Relief
Friday, April 21

To bring Awareness and Prevention of Veteran Suicide, we offer an event every month on the 22nd for Veteran’s, Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard Members. This month we will be having this event on the 21st, as the 22nd is a Saturday.

$25 Stress and PTSD Relief Acupuncture
$25 Reiki
$25 30 Minute Massage

More than one service can be booked, Appointments are necessary.

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Balancing
Lunch and Learn
Sunday, April 23
Are you driven and motivated, but get easily irritated? Or creative and full of ideas, but have trouble outlining a plan to follow through? You have unique strengths and struggles that can be identified in your personal combination of the three Ayurvedic dosha(s). If you missed the Ayurvedic Massage Upgrade in March, you can still request it. But you may wish to attend the Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Workshop on April 23. It will teach you the unique strengths and struggles of the three Ayurvedic doshas (mind-body types) and learn your own combination with a quiz. You can support balance in your dosha(s) using essential oils, along with diet, sleep, and exercise. Handouts on the strengths and struggles of the doshas, smelling essential oils and creating a personalized body oil or splash product to take home are all included. This eye opening workshop shifts your focus from “what’s wrong with you” to supporting unique you. We will smell a number of essential oils blind so I ask that you do not wear any scented hair or body products that day.

Cost is $45 per person if registered by April 15th. Cost is $55 per person thereafter. Space is limited.

Coming back to your Emotional Center
Tuesday, April 25

Come learn and explore mindfulness techniques that bring emotional balance with Silvy. Each and every one of us experiences difficult emotions. At times these emotions can bring us out of balance into a state of anxiety, depression, overwhelm, fear, self-doubt, feeling ‘stuck’ in life, procrastination, and even insomnia. Breathing and meditative techniques are great tools that provide you comfort in moments of overwhelm, and will bring you back to balance within minutes. Developing a regular practice can also assist you in developing your emotional awareness, intuition, and allow you to live more authentically.

Love Donation

Intro to Essential Oils
Sip and Learn
Wednesday, April 26
Alternate Date
Sunday, May 7
Have you ever been curious about switching over to more natural ways to stay healthy or deal with illnesses and injuries? Join us for our Essential Oils 101 class and learn how making Essential Oils a part of your daily routine can positively impact your life. We will go over the basics of oils and their usages along with the best practices to see results.

Wellness Membership
Includes one of the following each month: Therapeutic Massage, Customized Skin Ritual, Reiki or Transformational Coaching. Also, includes 10% off products and additional services. Sessions may roll over once to following month, and can be transferred to guest at any time.
Choose the membership that fits you:
60 minutes: $85
90 minutes: $120

FOUR -60 min. Massages-$340

FIVE-Myofascial Release-$500
TEN-Myofascial Release- $900

FIVE-Acupuncture series -$350 

TEN-Acupuncture series-$650