• February 12

    Valentine’s Specials

    Packages Just Right Package $80 Mini Holistic Facial and 30 min. massage Pampered Package $130 Holistic Touch Facial and 60 min.…

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  • August 30

    Hatha yoga vs. Vinyasa yoga

    Hatha yoga tends to be more slow and meditative with an emphasis on stretching.  Poses are a little bit more…

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  • February 16

    Shingles Treatment

    If you or anyone you know has had shingles, you know it can be very painful.  Whether it affects the…

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  • January 04

    Another successful birth!

    Just wanted to celebrate, yet another successful birth!  My patient diligently came in for acupuncture treatments once a week for…

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  • November 12

    Acupuncture for pregnancy and childbirth

    Acupuncture can provide drug-free relief for various concerns that may come about during pregnancy, such as morning sickness, sciatica, anxiety, hypertension,…

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