• June 30

    July News From Holistic Touch

    Happy July! This month our center has a few new changes that we are very excited about. We are debuting…

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  • June 18

    Infrared Sauna Dr Oz on Oprah. Why an Infrared Sauna is good for your Health!

    Did you know that Holistic Touch has Full Spectrum Far Infrared Sauna ready for you to use? What are the…

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  • June 10

    Celebrating June at Holistic Touch

    Greetings and Happy June, We’re back! It has been some time since we posted on our blog and we apologize…

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  • June 29

    Eat Your Sunscreen: Foods that help Protect Your Skin


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  • June 28

    Insider Scoop: Sun Safety Tips for Your Skin

    Silvy Franco MA, Holistic Esthetician   As a Holistic Esthetician, I am a huge fan of using Vitamin C to…

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