• August 17

    Who is qualified to do dry needling?

    Graph of acupuncture needling required by acupuncturists, MDs, PTs and Chiros. We found this informative Youtube which explains who is…

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  • August 08

    Acupuncture & IBS

    If you are suffering from IBS, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can help! Acupuncture &Moxabustion combined with proper nutrition and…

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  • August 07

    It’s Mellow Monday at Holistic Touch!

    Don’t Get the Beginning of the Week Blues! Mondays: Mellow Mondays: 12:00-1:15  Enjoy a Stress Buster Acupuncture Session with Jeanie…

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  • August 01

    August Specials at Holistic Touch

    Monday and Tuesday Only Offers Mondays: Mellow Mondays: 12:00-1:15 enjoy a Stress Buster Acupuncture Session with Jeanie Mossa for $20…

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  • July 26

    Traditional Chinese Medicine for Menopause!

    Ladies- are you bursting into flames at the most unusual times of the day and night? Mood swings? Growing a…

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