January 11

Acupuncture Package Deals at Holistic Touch

Acupuncture Packages

A package of 3 acupuncture sessions  $225 (regular $240)   7% savings
A package of 5 acupuncture sessions  $350  (regular $400)   14% savings
A package of 10 acupuncture sessions $650  (regular $800) 23% savings


“Each person is unique and will respond to treatment differently. The length of treatment depends on the type, severity and duration of the condition. In general you should notice some change in your condition, even if just a small one, within eight to ten acupuncture treatments for chronic conditions and two to four treatments for acute conditions. If you do not experience a change in that time frame, don’t give up on acupuncture. After all, if you go to your family physician and he or she gives you a drug that fails to quickly and completely cure your condition, do you give up on Western medicine?
Discuss your progress with your acupuncturist. It may be that your condition is unusually tenacious, or it may be time to change some aspect of the treatment. By keeping us up to date on your progress you are taking a partnership role in your healing.”  copyright Norman Kraft, L.Ac.