• July 30

    Welcome Our New Massage Therapist, Jake Waters!

    We would like to Welcome Jake Waters to the Holistic Touch Team! Jake is a Massage Therapist specializing in Deep…

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  • July 28

    Does Your Body Need a Tune Up?

    10 Great Acupuncture Points Tune-Up Session Boost Immune System Relieves Stress Reduces Body Pain Calms the Mind Improves circulation Enjoy…

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  • July 27

    Have a case of Swimmer’s Ear? Ear Candling Can Help!

    ear cand·ling ˈir ˌkand(ə)liNG/ noun noun: ear candling; noun: ear coning a form of alternative therapy in which the tapered…

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  • July 26

    Traditional Chinese Medicine for Menopause!

    Ladies- are you bursting into flames at the most unusual times of the day and night? Mood swings? Growing a…

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  • July 25

    It’s Mellow Monday at Holistic Touch!

    Stop by Holistic Touch Center in Old Town, Alexandria VA on Mondays between noon and 1:15 pm for our Stress-Buster…

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